3 Ways a Stellar Communication System Benefits the Home Healthcare Industry

Posted: Aug. 16, 2021

Home health care is essential to provide for those who need out-of-hospital care – whether at patients’ homes, in hospice, or at a care home. Good communication is crucial to ensuring the wellbeing of those who need home healthcare, assisting healthcare professionals in taking care of their patients, and allowing home healthcare companies to function at their best.

With this in mind, here are the top 3 ways excellent communication and the implementation of prompt communication systems can help the home healthcare industry thrive. We also provide some free templates to get you started.

Healthcare companies can generate more revenue.

Poor communication directly impacts a home health company’s overall care capacity and is responsible for $2.5 billion in revenue missed out on by healthcare companies.

In addition to patients missing out on the care they need, poor communication causes healthcare companies to miss out, as they fail to gain – and retain – customers. As a result, healthcare companies fill fewer shifts and cannot meet their full potential for revenue generation. You can easily remedy this with the correct technology in place!

Structured communications facilitate greater efficiency and quality of care

Efficient communication is vital for allowing healthcare professionals to do their job well. If there’s an urgent matter or information they need quickly to help a patient, a stellar communication system can make a significant, potentially life-saving difference.

Here is an example of well structured HIPAA-compliant communication for home health care:

Using the Notifyd app to send helpful and efficient messages

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Having simple and quickly accessible capabilities can allow employees to receive and respond to vital patient care intel in a timely fashion. Modern communication systems go one step further to ensure that employees reach their colleagues when they need them while staying constant with their messaging.

Patients can more easily get the home healthcare they need.

According to Excel Health, close to 40% of patients whose doctor advised them to get home healthcare after spending time in the hospital did not, which puts their health at greater risk and increases the odds of hospital readmission. Statistics show that patients who get the follow-up home healthcare are 29% less likely to be readmitted to the hospital than those who do not.

One of the primary reasons patients may not follow through with a home healthcare plan is poor communication and coordination between the hospital, discharge supervisors, patients, and other relevant organizational parties. With improved communication systems, patients are more likely to be given the care they need and are less likely to spend another period in the hospital.

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The answer is simple; if home healthcare companies want to enable their staff to be proficient, help patients receive the needed treatment, and drastically increase revenue as a by-product, an excellent communication system must be in place to achieve consistently.

Notifyd is a great solution because it is extremely easy to mass-message your staff, you will see far better response rates from employees, and you will have access to various tools that make managing your communications easy and secure.

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