HIPAA compliant secure messaging helps mitigate costly risks

HIPAA Compliance

Our solutions help Healthcare Companies mitigate risks associated with HIPAA violations.

Maintaining HIPAA compliance is complex, costly, and time-consuming.

If your schedulers are currently using emails or SMS text messages to communicate with clinicians, you likely fall into one of three camps:

  1. You pay an expensive premium to send emails and text messages securely.
  2. You have developed policies and procedures that aim to prevent inappropriate exposure of ePHI (the honor system).
  3. You are at high risk of incurring HIPAA violation fees.

The necessity for employees to protect ePHI makes their jobs more cumbersome, and oftentimes individuals will bypass company approved solutions and policies to avoid the additional burden. Many solutions require employees to maintain schedule and shift information in multiple systems which is not only time-consuming, but error prone. The last thing companies want to do is to tell their employees to slow down.

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Notifyd is a simple, cost-effective, and secure messaging solution that is integrated directly into your existing EMR.

Notifyd uses the latest in cloud services and mobile technology to ensure that ePHI remains safe behind your EMR, is stored and transmitted using the latest encryption techniques, and has tight security constraints on the employee's mobile device - all of which are necessary to reduce the likelihood of HIPAA violations.

We have partnered with multiple EMRs to make our offering available as a seamless replacement for your current email and messaging solutions. There are no major integration projects to undertake, there are minimal training efforts required, and it is seamlessly integrated into your existing business process workflows.

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HIPAA compliance ultimately comes down to having many layers of protection. By putting ePHI in our secure mobile app we can guarantee 6 layers of physical, technical, and administrative protections - 7 if a device passcode is present.

This far outperforms the other methods in use today which only have 1 or 2.

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