Notifyd provides
compliance and efficiency.

Scheduling doesn't have to take hours.

Schedulers can spend up to 6 hours a day calling, emailing, and texting in order to staff shifts. This is a slow and redundant process, which leads to missed staffing opportunities.

On average, companies only staff 85% of their shifts.

With Notifyd, scheduling is fast and organized.

Sending secure schedule requests from the desktop

1. Send a notification with shift details, and select who can service the shift.
Managing nurse and clinician responses from the desktop

2. View and manage responses from your desktop or mobile app.
Messaging employees directly from the desktop

3. Discuss any remaining details before finalizing the assignment in your scheduling software.

Our customers report a 5% increase in their staffing rates on average, and spend 2 hours less on scheduling per scheduler.

Coordinate patient care in real time.

When the state of a patient changes, nursing supervisors and staffing coordinators have to quickly update their staff. Missed phone calls and cryptic text messages can lead to miscommunications, which causes unnecessary time and travel expenses and creates friction between the back office and the field.

80% of phone calls go to voicemail. 50% of voicemails never get returned.

Now you can update all of your patient’s caregivers and clinicians in real time.

Viewing contact information from the mobile app

1. Use the built-in employee directory to quickly get in touch.
Messaging employees securely from the mobile app

2. Inform employees of the change, and share new shift opportunities.
Receiving push notification alerts on the mobile app

3. Employees are immediately alerted so they can follow up.

On average, users take 90 seconds to respond to a chat in Notifyd, whereas it takes 90 minutes to respond to a phone call or email.

Timely care is quality care.

Unexpected issues or changes in the home can reduce quality of care for patients. Reporting a wound or irregular vital signs, updating a patient's records with a doctor's order, and keeping up with the latest plan of care can take time away from patient care.

Being able to send images, videos, and files between the office and field cuts down the administrative time spent on interruptions.

Messaging an employee to upload files

1. Open up a chat conversation with the person you want to send a file.
Browsing cloud storage solutions for files to upload

2. Pick the desired file from your favorite cloud storage solution.
Taking a picture or video securely from the mobile app

3. You can also take pictures and videos securely from your mobile device!

Messing with fax machines and paper mail is a thing of the past. Keep your documentation secure, and your patient's records up-to-date.

Compliance communication and emergency prepardness.

Having employees up-to-date on their certifications and compliance keeps operations running smoothly. Helping field employees and clients stay safe in the event of an emergency is a time-sensitive operation. These are necessary interruptions that take significant time away from your office staff. What's unnecessary is making your staff go one-by-one down a call roster (which is often out of date) to perform this job.

Failure to perform these jobs effectively can result in warnings, penalties, and license revocations by the Department of Aging and Disability Services.

What used to require a coordinated effort by the office can now be done by a single person in a fraction of the time.

Messaging employees directly from the desktop

1. Create a notification with warnings and reminders for the impacted employees.
Managing compliance message responses from the app

2. Keep track of acknowledgements as they come back in from the field.
Following up with employees who have not responded

3. If an employee doesn't respond, chat or call them directly from the app.

Less interruptions, less time and effort spent by your office staff, less issues with credentials, and a perfect replacement for your Emergency Preparedness binder.

Supporting documentation for combating fraudulent unemployment claim.

Every time a scheduler offers a shift to a field employee, they are supposed to document whether the shift was accepted or declined...but most of the time this doesn't happen. This puts you in a very difficult legal situation if the field employee ever decides to file for unemployment, because in most cases the judge will side with the employee.

3% of all unemployment claims are fraudulent, and without supporting documentation you could be losing 10s or 100s of thousands of dollars each year.

Notifyd does all the documenting for you.

Messaging employees directly from the desktop

1. Send your employees shift notifications like normal.
Managing nurse and clinician responses from the desktop

2. All responses come back into Notifyd creating a record of what's been sent and responded to.
Filtering down to a single employee for documentation

3. If an unemployment claim comes in, simply filter your notifications down to the employee filing a claim.

Save time, money, and effort while also being fair and transparent.

We designed our app to be secure, HIPAA compliant, and meet the real-world needs of nurses and office employees.

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