The easy solution to protecting your PHI

We make communicating PHI outside of your IT network simple and secure with our end-to-end encrypted API offerings and secure mobile app.

Enhance and optimize your business workflows with realtime user-feedback.

Notifyd integrates with EMRs, scheduling solutions, and other home healthcare software so your systems can stay up to date as field employees perform jobs at their patient's homes. You now have the ability to reach hundreds of employees from multiple systems through a single point of integration.

Graph of synchronous, sequential workstreams.


If you are familiar with developing synchronous REST APIs, this is a great place to start. Our REST API is feature rich and allows you to begin pushing PHI-sensitive information out to clients through the Notifyd App with minimal effort.

Graph of asynchronous, parallel workstreams.

WebSocket API and Webhooks

If your integration requires two-way communication, try one of our asynchronous APIs. Setup secure webhooks to push Notifyd event data to your system. If you want to tie your systems into our realtime chat features, take a look at our WebSocket API.

Notifyd provides a modern, secure platform for communication between users and backend IT systems.

We take the concern of secure communication off your plate so you can focus on other features and integrations. Notifyd uses the latest in cloud services and mobile technology to ensure that ePHI remains safe with your company, is stored and transmitted using the latest encryption techniques, and has tight security constraints on the employee's mobile device - all of which are necessary to reduce the likelihood of HIPAA violations.

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