Our solutions help Healthcare IT professionals create holistic and dynamic systems by capturing user-feedback in realtime.

Building a holistic Healthcare IT system is very difficult.

If you are an IT professional working for a healthcare company, you have the complicated task of serving multiple masters:

  1. HIPAA requires you to keep strict access controls over ePHI.
  2. Company employees need more and more information to do their job.
  3. Your employer wants more features with less systems and less cost than what exists today.
  4. Software providers shield themselves from regulatory penalties by building closed systems.

Oftentimes individuals will bypass company approved solutions and policies to avoid working with the taxing systems they have today. This puts the company at risk and makes information gathering and tracking difficult. Employees suffer from poor coordination and unnecessary back and forth, while patients and caretakers bear a far greater pain and dissatisfaction with your company.

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Notifyd provides a modern, secure platform for communication between users and backend IT systems.

Through our work integrating with multiple EMRs, we have developed a robust API offering that is intuitive and easy to integrate with. You now have the ability to reach hundreds of employees from multiple systems through a single point of integration.

We take the concern of secure communication off your plate so you can focus on other features and integrations. Notifyd uses the latest in cloud services and mobile technology to ensure that ePHI remains safe with your company, is stored and transmitted using the latest encryption techniques, and has tight security constraints on the employee's mobile device - all of which are necessary to reduce the likelihood of HIPAA violations.

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