We are always looking for ways to make our software easier to use, but sometimes we might miss the mark. Here are some common issues people run into and how to solve them.

Mobile App

1. Getting setup

How do I download the app?

I’ve downloaded the mobile app, but I don’t know what my credentials are.

Once your organization has enabled you to be a Notifyd user, you will receive an email from customer-support@notifyd.com titled “Welcome to Notifyd” with your login credentials.

If you are not sure if your organization has enabled you to be a Notifyd user, reach out to your supervisor or contact support@notifyd.com.

I don't see the Notifyd email in my inbox, what do I do?

First check with your organization to confirm that you have been enabled as a user. If confirmation is successful, check your spam or junk folder. If you are still unable to locate this email, please reach out to support@notifyd.com for assistance.

You may also want to confirm with your company that the email address they have entered is correct.

Notifyd registration email
An example registration email.

What is my username?

Your username is the email address you have listed in your organizations EMR. This is the same email address that you received the “Welcome to Notifyd” email. If you do not know what that is, reach out to your organization for assistance.

How do I login for the first time?

The first time you login we require that you reset your password. To do this, open the app to the Login screen and click “Need to signup instead?” to put in your email and the one-time password provided in the registration email. Once you submit this form, you will be prompted to enter and confirm a new password of your choice. Click on “Confirm Password” to complete this one-time process.

Where is my one-time password?

Once your organization has enabled you as a Notifyd user, you will receive the email shown above from customer-support@notifyd.com titled “Welcome to Notifyd” with your login credentials.

I received a message saying my email or password is incorrect, what is wrong?

If you get a message stating your email or password is incorrect, double check that you're providing the correct password and try again. Please Note: Passwords are space and case sensitive. If you continue to receive this message, email Notifyd support at support@notifyd.com for assistance.

My email is formatted improperly, what do i do?

Its easy to input the incorrect email address. If you get this message upon login, try again. If you continue to receive this message, reach out to Notifyd support at support@notifyd.com.

Can I have multiple accounts if I work for more than one company using Notifyd?

Yes! However each device is registered through your email address so in order to have more than one account, a different email address will have to be used for each company.

2. How do I use the app?

How to log into the Notifyd app for the first time
How to respond to a notification and chat with your employer
How to update your personal information from the app settings
How to reset your password

How do I login?

To login, enter the email address associated with your organization and the password you created upon sign up.

mobile app login screen
Logging in on the mobile app.

How do I respond to a notification?

Respond to notifications simply by selecting one of the options presented by your employer. When a selection is made, Notifyd will ask for a confirmation. Once you have confirmed the correct response has been selected, select Confirm to send your response to your employer. If the selection is incorrect, select Cancel to return to the notification screen.

Nurse shifts on mobile app
Viewing a notification on the mobile app.
Accepting shift on mobile app
Confirming your repsonse for a notification.

How do I view the saved screen?

To view the saved screen, swipe left or select the “saved” tab on the main notification screen.

Managing shifts on mobile app
Navigating to your saved responses.

How do I sign out?

To sign out of the app, simply select “Logout” in the top right corner of the application.

Logout of mobile app
Logging out on the mobile app.

How do I reset my password?

Follow these steps to reset your password:

  1. Log out of the Notifyd app
  2. Select “reset password” from the login screen
  3. Enter the email address on your account and select “Reset Password”
  4. Check your texts or email for a verification code
  5. Login with the verification code and your new password
Reset password on mobile app
2. Reset password on the mobile app.
New password on mobile app
3. Requesting a password reset.
Password reset instruction email
4a. Text or email with verification code.
Confirm password reset
4b. Submitting your new password.

How do I delete a notification?

Currently there is no option to delete a notification.

3. The app is not working!

iPhone - I am not receiving push notifications, what do I do?

If no notifications are being received, make sure you have push notifications enabled and allowed for the Notifyd app.

iOS Notifyd app settings
Settings » Notifyd
iOS Notifyd app push notification settings
Settings » Notifyd » Notifications

Android - I am not receiving push notifications, what do I do?

If no notifications are being received, make sure push notifications are turned on under:

Settings » Apps » Application Manager » Notifyd » Notifications » Allow Notifications

Android Notifyd app settings
Allow Notifications for Notifyd on Android